Serzh reminiscents training at the VIP-RAMTL GYM:


"Sergey Zayashnikov has been my Muai Thai coach for 2 years. Overall, my experience with VIP-RAMTL GYM in Moscow has been absolutely outstanding. 

To start with, I have been looking forward to every training session I had. Each session usually began by a warm-up, followed by a practice of techniques and ended after doing some sparring. Sergey is masterful at making every work-out interesting. He introduced new techniques whenever we mastered old ones, changed training assistants so we don’t get used to sparring with the same opponent and invited fighters from abroad. I got a chance to train with such high calibre fighters as Al laqinta (New York), Douglas Edwards (Los Angeles) and Radu Springhel (New York). 

The team of training assistants is professional. Every assistant has his own fighting style and is ready to give advice and share his experience and fighting tricks. The atmosphere in the gym is relaxed and comfortable. There is a sense of community between members of VIP-RAMTL GYM. Everybody is friendly and willing to share his experience, especially after boxing matches. 

The matches happen every couple of months. The goal of every match is to try using techniques you learned in a real fight. Matches help you understand which technique works for you and which does not. For me they are the most interesting and rewarding part of the training. 

Another factor that is important to me during training is safety. Sergey makes sure that the equipment we use is safe and of high quality. He is very attentive during sparring, stopping the fight If something is not right. 

Sergey also invited every member to come see RAMTL tournaments. I saw "Битва 12" tournament in Elektrostal and it was a memorable experience for me. Seeing your sparring partner in a boxing ring in a real fight was very interesting and exciting. 

Summing up, I highly recommend training in VIP-RAMTL GYM. Not only I learned to defend myself, but also improved my physical strength, endurance and met a lot of interesting people during training." 

07 January, 2014

Serzh, Paris. France